4 Steps To Growing Your Pet Sitting Business

Pet Sitting Business


Now the first step in the plan is you have to have a goal, whether your goal is to increase your revenue to grow your customer base whatever it is that you want to do in the next six months to one year and when you’re setting a goal make sure it’s something a little bit out of your reach. You don’t want something you can easily get to because you are going to get lazy in terms of trying to get there. Set it a little bit outside of your reach because what that does is makes you think right.

Smaller Chunks

It makes you think about different ways to do things other than what you already know the second step is going to be, you’ve got to take that goal, you know where you want to get to, and break it up into smaller chunks.

Manageable Chunks

So you don’t want a goal you can obtain in two weeks you want a goal that is going to take you six months or year but you want to be able to break that up into smaller successes so what can you get done in two weeks what’s the first step of this process, who do you need to contact, so set it up into smaller more realistic manageable chunks is the third step.


In the four step process is you have to schedule it. You’ve got to make time for this and you have to physically put it in your schedule cause what happens is most people come in their office or wherever they do work and they have a routine and as soon as they walk through the door they just fall back into that routine right turn on the lights make the coffee check e-mail check the voicemail and then your day starts, and that’s it. You’ve got to be able to break out of that habit of just doing the same thing over and over and over and really schedule some time to focus on your business and then the fourth thing, and this is going to be the most important piece, you have to review it.

You’ve got to set some time aside, just like you broke it up in the smaller chunks you’ve got to have time in between the you know when you reach your goal when you actually are going to review your progress so let’s say for example my goal is that I want to increase traffic on my website by 20% over the next three months or so I’ve got a baseline I know where I’m at and I know where I need to be so if I want to increase traffic by 20% for a steady growth what I need about 7% per month so what I’ll do is at the end of 30 days I’ll take a look at what I’ve done, I’ll set sometime aside, I’ll take a look at what I’ve done and I’ll see where I’m at. Did I get my 7% am I on track or off track. If I’m off track I need to start kicking things up a little bit, or if I’m over I can go okay great that worked let me, reevaluate goal because I know I can do more.


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