Are Guinea Pigs Good Pets For 5 Year Olds

Mar 20, 2014. But guinea pigs are also hardy, easy to care for, great with kids and live long lives. Learn more about keeping guinea pigs as pets.

May 3, 2015. Families with younger children can consider having guinea pigs join. the kids can draw illustrations of) to post near the guinea pig's cage.

Avalon Poultry, West Bradley, Glastonbury, Somerset. Crested Cream Legbar and sex linked Sussex. Based close to Glastonbury, I have been breeding Cream Legbars for 2 years now and have produced some really nice birds which are true to type, laying lovely BLUE eggs as they should be.

Mar 4, 2015. Are guinea pigs a good choice for her child's first pet? We discuss several. be a great experience! Pets and kids: Is my child ready for a pet?

Breed: Persian Pet description: Google has been our family cat for 6+years old, well trained, very High IQ, and un like most of cat, Google likes to hang around with human, sit right next to you, sleep with you, follow every where you go.

I'm considering it, but I don't know how much care guinea pigs usually need. Is it less than. I think they are great pets for kids, at one point I owned 14! They are.

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