Bobtail Squid Pets

I knew you could keep an octopus as a pet. the Hawaiian Bobtail Squid uses its light organ which contains specialized proteins in its belly that reflect light.

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Glowing Squid - Science NationThese squids make captivating and easily trained pets. Habitat: Bobtail squid are animals of sand flats, and they ought to be kept in a biotope-type aquarium.

Also not quite sure where to put this in forums, because they seem more like an benthic octopus than pelagic squid from what little I know.

These squids are temperature sensitive and should not be kept at temperatures lower than 80°F (27°C). They are intolerant of fouled water; a good skimmer and high-volume water circulation is a necessity. Notes. Try to get a small animal and raise it to maturity if you wish to keep it for the longest possible time.

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Natural History. Native to the Pacific Ocean, this species can be found in shallow coastal waters off Hawaii. It buries itself in sand or muddy areas near sea grass.

Wet Pets Hawaii. Web. 01 May 2011. 4. “ YouTube – Behaviour of Bobtail Squid.” YouTube – Broadcast Yourself. Web. 01 May.

22.07.2014  · A Hawaiian Bobtail squid falling unconscious in magnesium chloride. The squid was unharmed, and woke up after being back in seawater.

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