Boomerang Pets

Clients’ Comments. There can be many stressful aspects to moving overseas, but for most pet owners the most stressful part may be getting their pets to their new home.

Brighten your room’s mood with a throw that really pops with color! This crocheted beauty is made of boomerang shapes and then triangle motifs fill in the spaces.

Boomerang Pet Carrier has an in-house policy whereby we will not accept puppies for carriage by airfreight who weigh less than 12 pounds and/or are younger than 12 weeks.

Pelham Puppets Nurse If you are looking for original Pelham Puppets made between 1947 and 1987 then we recommend the Vintage Pelham Puppet Shop where you will find a great range of puppets and an excellent service from Imogen the proprietor. Vent Puppet Range Left to Right, The Girl, Cornelia, Fido, Boy, Boy, Katie, Boy, Bob Pelham Bob

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