Buried Treasure Neopets Cheats

If you want to search for the treasure using exact coordinates, instead of randomly clicking, simply enter them into the URL as shown. The highest coordinate you can.

The only thing I heard about Buried Treasure is that once somebody finds the co-ordinates with a prize of neopoints, the big treasure is around there somewhere, and it continuously moves in a certain direction, so once you find neopoints you’re close to the treasure (that’s what I read somewhere).

28.07.2010  · I’ve been playing Buried Treasure as much as possible in hopes of getting the avatar. Beautiful, eh? So what have you gotten lately? What did you get when you got the avatar?

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buried treasure cheats The reason that you can click anywhere on the board instead of the specific pieces of paper is because the board is made up of a lot of specific coordinates (based on the pixels).

In honor of Neopets' birthday, you are allowed to play Buried Treasure for free all. what you can and cannot do with them, please visit our Side Account Guide.

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Apr 29, 2018. During November, it will cost you only 150 NP, and on Neopets' actual birthday ( November 15), the game will be 0 NP!. There are a number of prizes you can receive from Buried Treasure:. Aisha Scalawag / Guide / Fonts.

There is lots of fun to be had on Krawk Island, and that includes searchin' for booty! Er– treasure, that is. Over at Buried Treasure, you can put down a.

Click on one of the squares and find out if you found the treasure! You only have one try so pick carefully. And now to the good stuff: Prizes!!

Last Found x News x Guide x FAQ x Possible Wins x Screenie Tutorial x Awards x. Be sure to play Buried Treasure alot this month, since November is when.

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