Can Turtles and Tortoises Be Made Really Good Pets?

Pets Tortoises

They’re pretty well-loved everyone loves turtles and tortoises but today we’re gonna be talking about how they may or may not make really good pets. Now as the turtle guy here at the zoo, I’m gonna take us out to the pond to take a look at our turtles out in the pond so this is a red eared slider. Now these are commonly available turtles in captivity In the pet stores, they’re only maybe a quarter-size People think they’d be great for putting in a 10-gallon tank or a 30-gallon tank But, this is a full-grown female. The females get to be almost a foot long in carapace, or shell length. So, they’re just not ideal. Turtles are also highly messy, disgusting animals as well. They are big so they’ve got big poops! But they also eat a lot, and they’re not good eaters. They’re not polite eaters. They don’t have napkins or forks. They rip everything apart.

Filter System

So one of the key things that people don’t realize is turtles are messy animals that are going to need a really good filter system. They need clean water and it takes a lot of work to maintain a turtle or a terrarium or aquarium for an aquatic turtle like this.

Long-Lived Animals

But the other important thing to know is even though that cute, adorable little turtle that you see in the store is very small and will get big, it’s also a lifelong commitment. That tiny little turtle is going to live to be about 25 or 30 years old, minimum, pretty much. These are really long-lived animals, so, this isn’t something that’s just going to die in a couple of years if you get bored of it, it’s going to be a lifelong commitment. You’re going to be stuck with this turtle for a long, long time. So make sure you do your research if you really want a red eared slider.

So this is another small, little male red eared slider but he is a good example of why you don’t really want multiple turtles, even though you may love turtles and you want a bunch of them, they’re eventually going to get bigger and they’re going to fight with each other. This guy has lost his entire foot here from another male red eared slider because they don’t like sharing the same space. Male turtles will fight to the death so you don’t want to have multiples in one space. But you can also see his shell is kind of deformed here He’s got some injuries, some damage and that’s because he was a donated animal. He had improper care before he was brought to us.


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