Care Of Aquatic Turtles As Pets and How To Handle Finches?

Handle Finches

In front of me is an outdoor pond set up with yellow belly sliders, Texas cooters and red eared sliders. We have a filter on this pond that helps keep the water clean. The sliders do get big and they do require outdoor ponds, they just don’t make aquariums big enough for these turtles. Quite often the red eared sliders are sold as babies as turtle pets in a variety of pet stores or flea markets and to be honest with you, these don’t make good pets. They get fairly large. This one is an adult female and it doesn’t take them very long to get this big.

You’ll notice that the turtle will bite, these are not what I would call pets. Turtles are an animal that should be set up and left alone, they don’t like to be handled. Doesn’t matter what kind of turtle it is, they do not like to be handled? Now the sliders are primarily herbivores so they’re eating plants, when they’re younger they’ll eat insects and fish. So you can give them varieties of foods. So I would encourage you to go with different species of turtles for pets, such as mud turtles, musk turtles, map turtles, painted turtles, they make much better pets because they don’t get as big.

Finches as Pets : How to Handle Finches?

Finches are very small and it’s very important that when you try to handle them you’re very careful. The best way to approach them is from the back. Make sure you wrap around both sets of feathers because they can get away very easily. Finches have very small wing spans and it doesn’t take much for them to escape. If they do escape, a net is a very easy way to catch them. You may have to chase them around your house for a little while but that’s the safest way to get a hold them. Once you’ve got them in the net, place your hand over the net, hold it tight and you can transport them back to the cage.


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