Chihuahua Dogs As Pets

Learn about the Chihuahua dog breed including information about its history, Chihuahuas are loyal, friendly and good family pets when treated respectfully.

Everything you want to know about Chihuahuas including grooming, training, health problems, history, adoption, finding good breeder and more.

Chihuahua information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of Chihuahuas and dog breed mixes.

The Chihuahua burst onto the national stage as a “must have” dog for two reasons: The “Yo Quiero Taco Bell?” ad campaign and, more recently, the tendency of rich, attractive and famous young women to haul these small dogs with big attitudes around in stylish and expensive oversized purses.

Similarly, while most Chihuahuas get along great with other pets in their own family, they tend to raise a ruckus when they spy a strange dog. Again, YOU have.

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The Chihuahua /tʃɪˈwɑːwɑː/ ( About this sound listen) (Spanish: chihuahueño) is the. Pet Chihuahuas (that is, those bred or purchased as companions rather than show dogs) often range above these weights, even above 10 lb if they.

Chihuahua Skills. The Chihuahua can be traced back to 1,000 years and may even go back to 5th century Malayan civilization, although there is disagreement over its origins in Mexico.

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there are hundreds of pure bred chihuahuas and chihuahua mixes being euthanized every day in our los angeles city and county shelters. if you cannot find a chihuahua at chihuahua rescue, we ask you to please check these shelters and save one of these precious beautiful dogs.

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