Facts About Sulcata Tortoise

Sulcata Tortoise

The sulcata, can actually grow up to 100-200 pounds and live in excess of 70 years, so that is a very big commitment and might not necessarily make the best pet for a new tortoise owner. So this is a painted turtle. Now if you’re really interested, you really are determined to get an aquatic turtle, then a painted turtle is probably your best option. They’re very colorful, they’re very vibrant and more importantly, they’re small.

Tank Size

This little individual right here is almost 6 years old. He’s full-grown; he’s not going to get any bigger than this. This guy is ideal for an aquatic turtle as a pet. Minimum tank size he is going to probably want is a 30-gallon aquarium.

Fight To The Death

Just like those slider turtles, they’re going to fight to the death if they have other turtles so you want to keep them nice and separated or, if you are going to have multiples, you want to have a massive tank. You could probably keep two, maybe one male and two females together in something about an 80-gallon size tank. So they’re great for if you don’t have a ton of space but you still want a turtle. These guys are still just as messy as the slider turtles as well. They still are going to make a terrible mess of their poop, they’re still going to be messy, messy eaters, and they’re still going to foul up your water really quickly. Water changes and having really strong filtration is really key to keeping these guys nice and happy. Now even though he’s a little shy right now, a lot of painted turtles in captivity or that are kept as pets actually are pretty friendly.


They are known to beg for food, they’re known for begging for attention, and they’re known to actually enjoy being held and pet, so they’re pretty decent pets. Now as far as what you’re going to want to feed them, you’re going to want to feed them probably a commercial-grade reptile food or turtle pellet is going to be most ideal. These pellets, even though they may not seem like the most natural thing, are formulated to have all the vitamins and minerals that they need. So, giving them commercial pellets is pretty good. But you do want to give them a little bit extra as well. I like to give my turtles at home a couple of different treats.

They like apples, they like strawberry slices, they also like kale and romaine but eat always in small amounts. They may not eat everything, and the more fruits and vegetables and lettuce that you put in the water, the worse the water quality is going to get if you leave it in there. So you always want to give them smaller, reasonable amounts as well. Now they do like other treats as well. I like to give mealworms and crickets, too. They are omnivorous, so they’re not just going to eat the plants, they’re also going to eat other animals. So insects, mealworms, crickets, and other feeder goldfish or feeder minnows that you can get at the pet store are also going to be great options for them as well.


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