How Many Neopets Can You Abandon

I want to start again, haven't played in years. I want to transfer my old favorite neopets to one main account, but am wondering how many I can.

Noda’s Fortune Cookies What are fortune cookies? Fortune cookies are a new type of NC item baked by a new Neopets character, Noda. He has set up shop in Shenkuu selling fortune cookies made from his grandmother’s recipe.

The pound can be used to adopt a new Neopet, transfer a Neopet to another. The table below shows how many transfers you will have according to your account age. If you wish to keep your petpet, remove it before you abandon your pet.

While browsing Neopets, you might be asked to fetch a certain item for a magical, most often winged person. These creatures are faeries and there are many different types in Neopia; some have powers that relate to the elements while others have more specialised roles.

What are avatars ? Avatars are the little pictures that appear next to peoples chat, either on chat boards, or guild boards, or neomails, or when searching for users.

Manual Transfer: If you have no transfers left for the month, the only other way. This requires the person pounding the pet to abandon the pet in the pound, and. but they make a lender's life harder – many pets have been lost to pound sitters.

You can use our simple Cost Calculator below to quickly find out how much it will. Neopian Pound would not be exist if Neopians couldn't abandon their pets.

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