How To Set Avatar In Neopets

Clear your NeoHTML and NeoSignature to a blank, and then set your avatar to "Default". Post a message in the

This avatar was awarded for opening up the Comic Con 2018 Mystery Capsule, only available by obtaining a Rare Item Code from Comic Con in 2018 or winning contests on Neopets social media pages during August 2018. This avatar does not increase the avatar count on your userlookup or count for the avatar collector high score table.

Once you obtain an avatar, you can change it on the Neoboard Preferences page. As a shortcut, you can create a Neopet, as the day its created will also count.

16.10.2008  · To change your avatar on Neopets, you have to go to the Boards tab and click on Preferences. From there you can change your font color, avatar, and quote. From there you can change your font color, avatar, and quote.

Neopets (originally NeoPets) is a virtual pet website. Users can own virtual pets (" Neopets"), Neopets allows users to create and care for digital pets called " Neopets" and explore the virtual world of Neopia. Most avatars must be " unlocked" by completing certain in-game tasks, such as winning a contest or getting a high.

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Login to your Neopets account. Step #2 Click on community tab and select neoboards On your Neopets homepage, Click on community tab and scroll down and select ‘Neoboards’ Step#3 Click on preferences On Neoboards window, choose ‘preferences’ on the on menu bar. Step#4 Choose your new avatar On your avatar tab, choose your new Avatar. The new Avatar will display on the opposite.

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