Neopets Hidden Tower Avatars

You can also access the Hidden Tower, through Faerieland. Order at 100,000 NP, which also gives you the "HT-Rich" avatar when you read it to your pet.

For other species, click on the paintbrush or visit Jellyneo’s Rainbow Pool. Because the Hidden Tower is the only place you can buy these paint brushes, their prices will be fairly consistent even if you find them in the Trading Post.

There are several hundred secret avatars that you can obtain and proudly show off on the Neoboards. Each avatar has a unique method for obtaining, and we’ve outlined them all in this section.

Unlike most of the other shops in Neopia, the Neopets Hidden Tower never has to. I Taunt the Pant Devil Avatar: Not Hidden Tower exactly, but this avatar.

So I finally saved up enough for a royal pb from the hidden tower but. the avatar just use the 100k you save to buy the cheapest avatar book.

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There is of course also a quick URL to the Hidden Tower: http://www.neopets. com/faerieland/hiddentower938.phtml. Related Avatars: The hidden tower also has.

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Aug 13, 2018. The Hidden Tower differs from other Neopian shops in that there is an. from the Hidden Tower will earn you the Fyora – Faerie Queen avatar.

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