Outlands Companion Pets

List WoW battle pets by zone (including all wild pets). Also sort by zone and wild pet levels.

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How to get: A skill level of 430+ in Fishing is required to attempt a chance at finding this extremely rare pet, which is only available in Outland. A flying mount is required to fish in the proper place to find this. The pet itself has a 1 in 5 chance of being granted when Mr. Pinchy gives you three wishes. Mr.

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List WoW battle pets by zone (including all wild pets). Also sort by zone and wild pet levels.

Oct 7, 2012. Capturing wild battle pets is a new way to obtain companion pets in Mists of Pandaria, and it is one of the primary ways of acquiring pets for.

Outland Quest Pets. East of Auchindoun in Terokkar forest, players can receive a quest called Skywing from a bird appropriately named Skywing. It’s an escort quest ultimately requiring you to kill a 65 elite named Luanga the Imprisoner. Turning the quest in to Rilak the Redeemed in Shattrath will earn you one of three green items as well as a companion pet named Miniwing. Azeroth Pet Quest.

List WoW battle pets by zone (including all wild pets). Also sort by zone and wild pet levels.

These are higher level areas so your character needs to be high enough level to get to the areas. These vanity pets are mostly BoE, or Bind on Equip. There are a few that are BoP, or Bind on Pickup. First, though, there are a couple of places that are not in Outlands or Northrend. There is one in Booty Bay, one in Thousand Needles, and one in Winterspring.

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Defeat Nicki Tinytech, Ras'an, Narrok, and Morulu the Elder in pet battles. A level 1 Quest (Account). Rewards Sack of Pet Supplies. Always up to date.

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