Second Chance Animal Rescue Outreach Program


Second Chance Animal Rescue is a not-for-profit organization. We rescue and rehabilitate dogs and cats that need a second chance. Every single day we receive phone calls from people that love their animals but just don’t have the finances or the means to care for them. Whether it’s feeding their animals or giving them basic veterinary care they’re really struggling. The general outcome that we see from that is that the animals are either surrendered to us, they are put in a pound and go through the Australian pound process or worst case scenario they euthanized. We know that what we do here at Second Chance is a wonderful thing and we’re doing a great job to help homeless animals but the problem is, it is a band-aid effect. We’re rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming these animals but how do we stop the main problem that is out there? How do we keep animals in their homes before they enter the pound system. We’ve created the SCAR outreach program to address this issue.

Subsidised Medical Care

The SCAR outreach program offers free or heavily subsidised medical care for pet owners that need the assistance. We also offer things like free food, behavioral training for animals in need, bedding, leads, collars, anything that that owner needs to make sure that their pet has everything that it needs to be comfortable. Today Marianna and her family brought in their two dogs, Crystal and Snow and their cat, Jayden for our vet team to check them over. Marianna contacted me for assistance. She heard about the Outreach Program that we provide, and needed help. She couldn’t afford the veterinary care for her two dogs and cat and they love their animals beyond belief.

You can just see it in the way that they interact with them. Today we were able to offer free desexing for Marianna’s pets. We vaccinated, microchipped them. We offered them free worming and flea prevention. They’ve got a boot full of food and litter and things to keep them going so these animals have everything that they need for the next few months. It’s been a really hard road for Marianna and her family, so we’re really happy to be able to offer this for them. For all of us at Second Chance, it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to offer this program because we can see that it really helps those that just need it the most.


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