Steiff Petsy 1928

Steiff 1928 Petsy Replica Teddy Bear 403286 is a 2016 Steiff Limited edition piece, now available at Ashby Bears your Steiff UK Authorised dealer.

Steiff Teddy Bears and Animals, Mohair and Plush, from The Bear Shop Norwich

Petsy in miniature form. Baby bear Petsy hit the scene in 1928, his bright blue eyes and new facial expression establishing him as a top seller. Even so, Petsy.

Please find below an overview of the 2005 Steiff limited editions, exclusively produced for the countries around the world, as far as they are known to Bear Attack.

Buy here: Steiff 029561 PETSY 1928 HISTORIC MINIATURE TEDDY BEAR 1995. made of finest tipped mohair brown tipped white mohairfrom the Historic.

Brand New Steiff 1928 Petsy Replica Limited Edition Teddy Bear In 1927 Richard Steiff was inspired by the American zeitgeist of the Twenties to produce a bear with a new expression and striking blue eyes.

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