Three Certification Levels and Becoming A Certified Pet Care Professional

Certified Pet Care Professional

PACCC is the Professional Animal Care Certification Council. We’re third-party independent certification to elevate our industry and recognize pet care providers for investing in their education and keeping all pets safe as a pet care professional. The PACCC certification gives you an added advantage when it comes to hiring for the best doggy daycares and hotels in the area, making sure that you’re getting the best pay grade for your qualifications, and giving pet parents an easy way to know that you’re qualified to take care of their beloved fur babies. PACCC certifications are a great way to have employee recruitment, maintain better trained employees, maintain a competitive edge over your competition, as well as give pet parents an easy way to identify high quality pet care.

The Three Certification Levels For Pet Care Professionals

  1. The first level is our Provider exam. A provider is anyone that’s on the hands-on level with animals. This is in charge of the daily handling, feeding, walking, and monitoring of playgroups at a doggy daycare or hotel.
  2. Our next level of certification is the Manager level. This requires four thousand hours of hands-on experience, a high school or GED diploma, and two letters of recommendation. The Manager is a person in charge of daily operations, managing the team, and as well as client interactions.
  3. Our last level is the Operator level. This requires five years of hands-on experience with 1 year in an Operator position, meaning hands-on management of operations. We also require 2 letters of recommendation and membership with an active pet Industry association.

Tips On How To Become A Certified Pet Care Professional

Now you need to know how to study for the PACCC exams. There’s a list of resources on our website that you can find, but the best way to study is to practice. The only way to know which areas of study that you should focus the most on is by taking our practice exam for all three levels of certification. That way you know exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are and you know exactly where you need to focus your study time.


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