What Is Raw and Freeze Dried Raw Pet Food?

Freeze Dried Food

Pure raw food, petting instinct and It is so simple. Freeze dried raw food can feed your pet pure raw food nutrition in a simple way. Made of pure natural ingredients, carefully produced in small batches, 100% freeze-dried to preserve and lock in nutrition and deliciousness. The easiest way to supplement your pet with pure protein is to mix the instinct series of lyophilized partners with other pet foods. Simply put it on other pet food will give the pet to eat. The instinctive series of freeze-dried raw meats containing fruits makes it easier for pets to get a protein-rich meal. Simply smash and add water to make it ready for pets. Instinct for freeze-dried fresh meat and fresh fruit meals will make it easier for your pet to provide both natural and raw food nutrition.

Pet’s Food Intake

Simply predict your pet’s food intake, mix the freeze-dried meat with the fruit, and rehydrate it to feed your pet if you want your pet to eat more. You can put the lyophilizer on top of other dry foods You can also use your instinct to freeze-dried meat and fruit for snacks other than your pet’s staple food. Or feed this refined mix of freeze-dried meat and fresh fruit directly to your pet as a nutritionally balanced staple because truly natural raw food nutrition should be simple.

Freeze Dried Raw Pet Food

We believe that pet food should match its original diet. Made up of real, natural ingredients – don’t change the ingredients, minimally process, and never cook. Simply put, the food we feed to pets should be as close as possible to its natural state. All we do is to bring pure nutrition from raw food. So no matter what your pet likes or needs, you can find the answer. Frozen raw meat is made up of natural animal protein and complete food ingredients.


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