Your Pet’s Safety In An Emergency


In Western Australia we love our pets. In fact more than half of us own a pet, so it’s really important to include them in our family and any evacuation plan. Your plan should not only include your household family members but also your furry ones. To evacuate in a timely, safe manner we all have a kit that is ready by our front door just to put in the car with your pets and then go. That will include if you’ve got a cat, a cage which is nice and secure. You’ll also need a cat litter tray and some litter. In my kit for Piper I have food for her and also quite a bit of water, food and water bowls as well. I make sure that she’s got a lead and a spare lead in case there are any other animals running loose so I can take them. I’ve always got some pooch pouches for her and also make sure I’ve got high-vis vest for her and also myself.

  • If your pet’s on any medication please make sure you have that ready to go as well, and if you have anything from the vet like a sterilization certificate or vaccination records bring them with you too. During an emergency evacuation centres may not accept your pets, so it’s best to have a plan of where you’ll take them until it’s safe to return home. Chat to your friends or relatives that don’t live in your area. See in an emergency if they can take your take your pet in. It’s good to talk to your neighbors about your plan of action, so if you can’t get home in time to evacuate your pet it’s always good to talk to your neighbors about what to do and what to take so that they can evacuate your pet for you.
  • If you can’t take your pet with you, make sure you do not leave them tied up. If your animal needs to escape quickly, if it’s tied up it can’t do that.
  • Always make sure you’re prepared well ahead of time.
  • Make sure your pets are microchipped and also ensure all your contact details are up to date.
  • Make sure your pets are wearing a collar and have an identity tag on them with your contact details as well as your local council’s registration tag.


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