How Developed Is China’s Pet Care Industry?

Pet Care Industry

People are crazy about peculiar pets, and the money spent on their speechless companions is sky rocketing. In 2015, Americans spent over $60 billion on their pets, and China is keeping up, with over $16 billion in consumption last year. China Matters wanted to explore the bazaar world of pet ownership in China and look into how China’s pet industry is developing. Living in downtown Beijing, you can easily find this kind of the pet shop in the neighborhood. There are literally everything that pets need in their daily life, the food, the water, the snacks, the dresses, and all kinds of toys.

I am not sure if the pets are enjoying this, but I am sure that the pets are having a much better life than I. From photo albums to dogs dating, pets are enjoying more and more of a human lifestyle. In central China’s Wuhan, a pet hotel opened for accommodating dogs and cats, allowing them to experience a luxurious vacation. That is a bit crazy, or maybe, it’s just a new industry. In large Chinese cities, dog owners spend thousands of dollars per month feeding, caring and beautifying their dogs.

Industry Report

In an industry report, dog and cat food sales in China alone reached over $9 million this year. No matter what you believe about dog treatment in China, most dog owners treat their four-legged friends like a family member. E-commerce is a new trend in China’s pet market. You can find nurses, barbers and even soul mates for your dogs through numerous mobile apps. This pet e-commerce industry is expected to generate $8 billion in the next five years. China has more than 100 million pets, according to a Chinese emerging industry research institution.

Aging society is one of the main factors that encourage the market expansion. Elderly people are looking for companions and they have disposable income. China, similar to Japan and the US, is increasingly faced with aging problems. Many people keep a pet because they are lonely. According to cultural norms, Chinese people live with their kids throughout most of their life. But for those who do not, accompanying pets are a major source of comfort and are spurring this market forward.


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