Real Pet Foods – Unleash Real Gas Savings


Real Pet Food Company is an Australian Pet Food Manufacturer. We produce all types of pet foods, so chilled, fresh, wet and dry and we employ over 800 employees in Australia, 750 of which are at our factories.


Steam for us is what we call a critical control point. So, without steam we can’t sell our product. Steam trap maintenance is important because it ensure that it keeps energy waste to a minimum. As a large Australian manufacturer, obviously energy prices are a growing concern for our business. The increase that we’re seeing in costs does put a lot of financial pressure on the business and a big focus for us is how we manage our manufacturing costs. Normally we do a survey once a year of all of our steam traps. Out of the survey this year we found there have been a number of them that need to be replaced when we went through the project this year. It was quite a few and the savings were calculated around 8%.  But when we do a steam trap audit on a site we generally will give the site a energy payback, like what sort of energy they’re losing. That can be in a gas or a gigajoule or even in steam loss on a per site basis. That gives the site a number to work with to show that how much they’re losing, how much the costs of repairs are so they can offset it.


Maintenance for Real Pet Foods is areas of savings opportunities. Steam trap projects are a proof of how we used a preventative maintenance and predictive maintenance to come up with results. Looking at the steam trap audits, it’s a quick return on investment and then from that we’re starting to notice changes where people are looking at other areas of their business and where their energy is going because if you can’t monitor it, how can you manage it? I would recommend metering for any manufacturer and that information if used properly, it can deliver a lot of savings. At a professional level, dealing with OEH was, is a two-way street. So, we contributed a lot of technical data. In return, we were asked a lot of smart questions and that helped us to further actually provide more savings. As a return on investment it was excellent and the outcome obviously, it’s all approved and we’re looking forward to the 10% out of overall spend for the year. So, it’s a win, win.


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