Top 7 Food Types For Pet Squirrels

Squirrels Food Types

#1: Protein Sources – Nuts are typically squirrels’ favorite food. They can even be used as bait to capture a squirrel. Nuts contain proteins for their muscles, fiber for their digestion and omega 3 fatty acids. Squirrels love nuts so much that they even keep as much as they can for later their later meal. They especially like macadamia nuts, hickory nuts, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, chestnuts, cashews and a lot more.

#2: Energy Sources – Fruits can be a good source of natural sugar and carbohydrate for squirrels. They can go for apples, berries, and melon. However, fruits should only be given in limited amount. Giving fruits in excess will result in squirrels suffering from diarrhea.

#3: Calories – Seeds such as sunflower, safflower and pumpkin seeds are essential to a squirrel’s daily diet. They provide a large amount of calories and other nutrient contents necessary for their energetic day. Seeds, however, should be matched with the right amount of other nutrient-giving sources to prevent the problem of excess weight or even obesity.

#4: Vitamins and Minerals Sources – Vegetables play an important role in a squirrel’s nutrition. Corn and sweet potatoes can complete the nutrient they miss from nuts and their other favorites. Vegetables also help boost their immune system. A squirrel’s habit of eating insect helps them get the vitamins such as vitamin D. They can also acquire calcium by feeding in crickets, super worm, and mealworm.

#5: Plant and fungi – A squirrel’s love for plants goes a long way from leaves, grass, stalks, flowers and even roots. They even eat the tender branches of your growing plant. Oyster mushrooms, truffles, and acorn truffles are just some fungi that squirrel munch on. They may also leave out these fungi to dry before having them for a meal.

#6: Squirrel pellets – Squirrel pellets are widely available in the market. These pellets are formulated and packed with essential nutrients for pet squirrels. Monkey biscuit and parrot biscuit can also be an alternative although they are not equally nutritious as squirrel pellets.

#7: Leftover Food and Scraps – Squirrels in the city do not have a much natural food source. They resort to searching out dustbins and even pet houses for food. Their appetite may adjust on the availability of resources. What Do Squirrels Eat in the Cold? During winter, squirrels get their fat and caloric need from acorns and nut fruits alike. They satisfy their protein needs by eating animal bones, mushrooms, bugs, soil, bird eggs and other available sources they may find. They take just the right amount of water they need during this season. Squirrels also eat snow to remain hydrated during winter in the absence of water.


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